Our Product Lines

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Compressed Air Loaders & Dryers

  Robots for In-Mold Labeling, Insert Molding, High-Speed Takeout, & Downstream Automation

Permanently Repair Stripped Threads in Platens

Hot Runner & Sequential Valve Gate Controllers


Gravimetric Blenders & Loss-in-Weight Extrusion Feeding Systems

Toyo - All Electric Injection

         Molding Machines

FCS - Servo Hydraulic Injection

          Molding Machiners

Screenless, Press-side, & Central Granulators

Large Part Shredders



Conveyors, Automatic Box Filling Systems, Parts Separators




Magnetic Mold Mounting Systems


Portable & Central Chillers, Cooling Towers, Hot Water & Oil

                                                           Temperature Controllers


Dryers, Loaders, Blenders, Material Handling Systems, and Silos

Equipment Descriptions

Injection Molding Machines - All Electric, Servo Hydraulic, Vertical

Chillers - Portable & Central, Air & Water Cooled

Cooling Towers

Pump Tanks

Temperature Controllers - Water & Oil

Robots & Sprue Pickers


Air Conveying Systems





Hot Runner Controllers

Sequential Valve Gate Controllers

Mold Wiring Systems, Cables & Connectors

Vacuum & Pressure Conveying Systems

Railcar Unloading


Surge Bins

Used Molding Machines & Robots